Railroad? I believe that I fell inside when I was young. Although not growing in a universe of railwayman - my father, today in retirement, was bank clerk - I was well quickly attracted by the magic of the rail. My first train? At three years age, made in Lego in June 1966. Ah, Lego, which marvellous invention. How many hours I passed to build, demolish, rebuild trains, houses, but also boats or planes.

 Train LEGO : juin 1966

Then arrived in 1972, the Jouef modelrailroad box with the famous locomotive 0-4-0 T under the Christmas tree, then two Hornby-HO boxes, sold at low prices following the bankruptcy of this famous company. But the steam engine, a 030 TU roasted quickly and the Jouef engines had faulty socket-outlets, somewhat reducing the joys of playing train. Because meanwhile, with the assistance of my father and the blessing of my mother, the layout assembled on the carpet migrated on a board of 1,6 X 1 meters. My father bought me an Fleischmann locomotive of class BR70. It was in 1974, and it was amazement. At this time it cost a few 120 FF, whereas a Jouef vapor as the 040TA was sold 50 FF. But It worked well, so well that thereafter I resold all my Jouef and Hornby 1974 : mon premier réseau

I had also built plastic models: planes, boats, tanks. A sailing ship of which I am always proud is ' La Sirène' built at the 13 years age. My father, a follower of the gliding, then radiocontrolled planes, had also tried to familiarize me with the construction of a balsa plane with an engine with rubber band. But the crash as of the first flight will divert me forever this hobby.

Maquette La Sirène - 1976

Because the virus " modelrailroading " was from now on in constant propagation in my veins. First of all, inspired by the assiduous reading of the catalogues Fleischmann and Faller, I built a new layout between 1975 and 1977 on the board of the preceding one.

1976 : mon deuxième réseau

1976 : mon deuxième réseau

The reading of the book ' Märklin-Bahn und Landschaft' and the MIBA, a very good magazin at this time, to which my father had subscribed me to improve my German, had quite naturally led me to invest a part of the granary of 3.4 X 3.2 meters and to build a new layout between 1977 and 1979.

1978 : le troisième réseau

Alas, in 1979, we moved and I started again at the cellar of our new residence in a room of 4 X 2,8 meters. It was also the year when I discovered Loco-Revue, a french magazin, whose reading, combined with that of the MIBA, was going to open to me new horizons and the construction of a layout much more realistic.

1979 - 1981 : le quatrième réseau

1979 -1981 : le quatrième réseau

1981 : le depôt vapeur

This one, destroyed in 1981, was then rebuilt in the granary in a room of 7 X 4 meters that had become available. A true dream! A new test of realistic realization which was going also to centre me on rolling stock of the SNCF, with the output of the book ' Engines and Railcars of network AL'. Because I had most of machines ex Al, but in delivered german Deutsche Bundesbahn, which I was unaware of at the time! It is thus the beginning of transformations of engines: initially the 140C Jouef to be made the hand, then 150C of Roco, and so on until constituting a park homogeneous vapor. 1985 were the year of my first kit brass and white metal in the form of a 230K from DJH.

1981 - 1990 : le cinquième réseau

1984 : ma conversion au parc SNCF

Well on, during this time, my studies, my military service then the beginnings in my occupation of data processing specialist applied a brake at the exercise of my hobby. It was only in 1990 that I started again to take again my tools to build the layout of Lutzelbourg, where I sought to reproduce accurately a real site such as it was presented in 1950. Other achievements, just like this layout, the locomotive 230K of Gummizug, the Bugatti double railcar, the class S9 Alsace-Lorraine or the 130 TA were the subject of a presentation in the columns of Loco-Revue, a famous monthly magazine dealing with railway model making.

Découvrez ce réseau dans mes pages Modélisme

Découvrez ce réseau dans mes pages Modélisme

Découvrez ce réseau dans mes pages Modélisme

Découvrez ce réseau dans mes pages Modélisme

Indeed for a few years, I have presented my receipts as for the construction of a HO locomotive or a layout. And then as historical documentation became impossible to circumvent in this practice of model making, I have just realized with the assistance of some friends, a first book on the History of the network in Alsace and the Moselle (see the page of presentation of the Encyclopaedia). A second volume followed 2001.

For exposure in modelistic demonstrations, I also built a small HO layout reproducing a secondary line with single track located somewhere in the Noth of Alsace, with a terminal and a portion of line crossing a village at the medium of the principal street! A situation which existed for example in Woerth.

With the year 2002, the layout of Lutzelbourg always exists and it had moved to be increased in the form of a doppeldeker layout. You see, the projects do not miss, the more so as certain tasks are shared with Kathy, my partner, whose you will be able to discover her achievements soon. It is all the interest of this splendid hobby.

You can now find my articles in the magazine Le Train.

Kathy et I get married in 2006. We made a little layout 'Traezh Aour' at this occasion.


I now propose to you to discover some of my achievements. Good visit on my homepage.


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