Trains en Alsace Lorraine

Friends of the railroads in Alsace-Lorraine, it is time to gather us!

October 2000 was created the Circle of Studies of the Railroads of Alsace-Lorraine.

His purpose is of:


  *To share our knowledge

Impassioned are often insulated. Our association makes it possible to meet us regularly to review our research. It is also the occasion to make a general inventory of the documents in our possession to facilitate research, the publications and to avoid acquiring documents in double.


* To make known our points of interests

One finds seldom exactly what one seeks... To know which seeks what, makes it possible to put side the documents which can interest another member and to receive other members from them. Thus, our capacity of research is multiplied by ten!


* To promote our passion

To share our passion with the public, it is to sensitize the citizens with the value of our railway inheritance: oral documents or accounts, buildings or travelling material. It is also to acquire a public notoriety which will enable us, which knows, to have access to files the SNCF of the direction of Strasbourg, or more modestly, people wanting to make of which documents .


You can right now join us on our forum of discussions:

The site of association is also available, you can find it under:

See you soon !

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