The rebuilding of Mulhouse-City

Deux T19 à Mulhouse

With two Class T19 (ex G11 tenderized) ensuring the heating of the installations. One sees in the second plan the old building of the station living his last months while in the background draws up already majestic the new building. A first project, in 1912, envisages the construction of a new building parallel to be drawn up the channel; it includes the cover of this one as well as the lengthening and the displacement of the bridges of Altkirch and Tivoli framing the station. But only the bridge of Altkirch and the building of the post office are built between 1916 and 1919; these dates explain their differences in architecture with the remainder of the station. The AL resumes the studies, and if it preserves the cover of the channel, whose water level will be lowered by one meter thanks to the construction of a new lock, it moves back the BV to increase the place somewhat, while preserving a sufficiently broad platform to establish five quays with travellers there. Work takes several years: Bridge of Tivoli, April 1928 at December 1930, BV February 1929 at January 1933, Platform of the ways February 1930 at April 1936, Installations of security October 1934 at April 1936.