T3 6144, Graffenstaden 1913.
T3 Graffenstaden

The replacement of the heteroclite park of the origins is started since 1879. Graffenstaden and Henschel primarily produce until 1900 tank lococs for operations, service roads, go up, etc. Of provision of axles 020, 030 and 120, they all correspond to the German design of the time when the water tanks side but are not laid out between the frame side girders in order to release a perfect sight since the cabin, to operate under optimum conditions for security. Consequently, the distribution, the connecting rod assembly and the engine are entirely external; what constitutes a great progress. The hoods with coal, laid out on both sides of the boiler immediately in front of the cabin, make it possible to shovel without rotation. On the other hand, on the majority of the machines, one did not consider it useful to assemble a dome. The boiler is then surmounted only by one sand pit and the regulator connected to a collector in the high part of the boiler. The park of the engines-tender is dominated by a numbered series of 030 T3 6101 to 6144 which is characterized by water compartments in the frame, external distribution Allan Trick, boiler with vapor saturated without dome with external regulator controlled by a stem.