The first final station of Mulhouse is carried out in 1841, and remains in service until 1933.

The first line of Alsace of Mulhouse - Thann is open in 1839. This first railroad of Alsace is a great success; where the pessimists hardly provided that about fifty daily passengers, one quickly reaches the 550 users per day in December 1839, and this number still assembles the following months. Acute points are even noted, as the Easter Monday 1840 when more than 2800 people take by storm the convoys. The financial aspect of the operation is however a little less positive. In March 1840, the assembly of the shareholders must vote a loan of 400 000 francs intended for the payment of the additional expenditure required by extensions of certain stations and the construction of the provisional landing stage of Mulhouse. The goods traffic moreover disappointed; it accounts for only 12% of the receipts of the Company. With the opening of the Strasbourg connection - Basle in 1841, in spite of the technical success of this railroad, the Company is found in prey with serious difficulties. However, the relations suggested impassion crowd; during the first month, one raises approximately 100 000 users in the new convoys; for the exercises 1842 and 1843, one notes with satisfaction more than 700 000 travellers per year.