The station of Wissembourg, established in end of line.


Since the promulgation of the law of 1838, granting to his Company the concession of the line towards the Swiss border, Nicolas Koechlin did not cease contacting the national and local authorities to try to obtain the prolongation of the railway bound for the border with Palatinat Bavarois. To come out its Company of a disastrous insulation for its finances, this junction with the German networks is vital. It is a question of durably collecting a significant part of the North-South exchanges being traditionally carried out by the Rhenish corridor since many centuries a decision to continue the line according to an axis towards Lauterbourg is imperative; the more so as the Grand-Duchy of Bade actively pushes its railway building work on right bank of the river. For the Parisian decision makers, this connection is unfortunately not urgent; it is initially necessary to think of large radial reinforcing the centralization of the capacity before approaching the secondary transversals. With many vicissitudes, the section of Vendenheim with Haguenau is open only on July 18, 1855 and Wissembourg must wait until on following 23 October to be finally reached by the railroad.