Crampton of the historical oar of the SNCF in the area of the low station of Strasbourg in the Fifties.

The Company from Paris in Strasbourg tests, in 1852, the Crampton model which one says already the largest good on other French companies. The ordering of twelve machines, registered from 79 to 90, which results from this is provided by the Cail Company. They are characterized by a large footing conferring a good behavior to them on the rails; they have also a robust double frame. The services of the way reproach them however their aggressiveness and they miss a little adherence during energetic startings. In spite of these some objections, they record good results which justify a second command complementary to 15 engines n° 174 to 188; they are delivered in 1856; moreover, one batch of 12 other similar machines is repurchased with the PLM. These Crampton can easily run up to 100 km/h on the level even 120 in descent; in the slopes met between Sarrebourg and Saverne, one does not entrust to them that trains of a tonnage lower than 80 T the bearings of these machines also bring them on the line of Luxembourg; one day also makes them touch the station of Basle.