Sight with quay of the new station of Strasbourg.

The downgrading of part of the fortifications clears a zone of 37 ha in the West of the city between the Kuss place and the streets military bordering the strengthened enclosure. The demolition of the bastion of Pagan, set up in XVII th century, is quickly carried out and as of May 1878, the earthworks begin. The construction of the new station, worked out by the Berliner architect Jacobsthal, begins in 1881. It is established in through station with three quays of 130 m covered by a double marchioness glazed 29 m broad resting on iron pillars. For conveniences of access, one builds on two floors the affected part with the service of the travellers. With rez of roadway, interior spaces are reserved at the entry of the travellers and the various counters; on the floor, goatskin bottles the ways, one finds the waiting rooms, the dressers and the toilets. Two undergrounds, for the departures, the other for the arrivals, serve the quays by of the staircases. The goods installations remain on the other hand on the level of the roadway and include/understand three markets reserved for the sendings, the receptions and the customs. A deposit also is built with a rectangular handing-over sheltering 88 engines and is equipped with two interior travelling bridges of 90 and 95 m length. The station is entirely enlightened with electricity.