The steel-works of Rombach are created in 1889 by a German company, a first in Lorraine.

From 1900, the large companies of the Ruhr will come to settle in Reichsland: Krupp, Phoenix, Thyssen, etc... Associated with the economic development of the area, network EL is now a principal actor in transport of ore and coal as well as industrial products in general. A rapid comparison of transported tonnages - 11,9 million tons in 1889 and 28,9 million tons in 1903, and travellers transported - 13,3 million in 1889 and 32,4 million in 1903, is a progression from approximately +142%, confirms the founded good of the achievements. One can quote in example the traffic in constant progression on departure and arrival of the station of Thionville; the tonnage of conveyed iron ore passes from 916.544 T in 1892/93 to 1.361.171 T in 1896/87, that is to say an increase of almost 48%! During the same time, coke progresses for its part of 60 %! Although the station of Thionville was increased in 1892, five years later its installations arrive once again at saturation.