The continuation towards the French border of the Mutzig-Rothau line, completed in 1877, is required by the local councillors since 1880.


The town of Saales, attached before to the department of the Vosges, can only militate in favour of this project which is actually granted by the decree of March 26, 1888. Construction could be done only with the expenses of Reichsland with transmission in Reich of the property of the line, this one subsidizing construction only with height 400.000 Marks. The single track, posed along the road leading to the collar, has a difficult profile with slopes of 25 0/00 and radii of curvature dropping sometimes to 200 Mr. the inauguration of the 16,56 km takes place on October 1, 1890. The cost of establishment is 373.000 Marks for Reich, and 950.700 Marks for Land. The station of Saales then becomes the highest station of network EL to the dimension of 555,5 m to the top of the sea level.