The third station of Metz.

As of the annexation, the establishment in end of line of the station of Metz is not appreciated by the German authorities; wishes are emitted in order to set up a large through station to the measurement of the convergent traffic on network EL and satisfying the military strategists for the role of concentration of the troops of the citadel of Metz. July 28, 1872, the station of Metz is destroyed mainly by a fire. The severe recession touching in 1873 the Lorraine economy and allemande makes differ the project from a through station and limit the rebuilding of the station on its primitive site all while increasing it to take account of the increase in the traffic. The number of ways with quay is changed to four, plus two shunting tracks; they are covered by two large 150 meters length halls. The building is built out of stone of Jaumont in the fields of the architect Jacobsthal, it takes up duty the current of June 1878.