Class A9 426 Kraich, built by Esslingen, with the depot of Wissembourg, fact part of the original park of the EL.
A9 426 a Wissembourg

Under the terms of the popular right (Völkerrecht) then into force, specifying that the stock belonging to a private company - EST in the event - is not regarded as forming part of the national good and cannot of this fact of entering the spoils of the winner, conventions of armistice stipulate the restitution in France of the entirety of the rolling stock. For the new German operators, the first priority is thus of being able with the replacement of the engines of the Company de l'EST, in order to ensure the fast constitution of a park of traction allowing a normal resumption of the traffic. In these circumstances, a completely heteroclite stock of engines is constituted thus in record time. In the urgency and even precipitation, they are generally machines bought firstly at their exit of factory, new thus in the majority of the cases. The prospection exceeds the borders of Germany besides and the persons in charge as well acquire batches in Austria, Belgium and England. The delivery of this whole, made up of small disparate series, spreads out between 1871 and 1876.