Class G10 5419, Graffenstaden 1912.
G10 Graffenstaden

The first tests of use of the overheated vapor are undertaken by Alsatian Gustave Hirn about 1850 on fixed machines with vapor and are included in several treaties of physics of which ' relaxation of the vapor surchauffée' appeared in 1866. The Compound system reduces the losses of condensation in the cylinders thanks to the distribution of the temperatures in several cylinders. Overheating is a more radical solution which consists in carrying the vapor, before its admission in the cylinders, at a rather high temperature so that it does not condense even after its relaxation. The presence of the some pipes dissimulated in the tubes with smoke of the engines with overheating, conferring a power ever reached to them, shakes seriously adapt them compound. A fast and categorical decision is essential: it is necessary to break still sovereign Prussian filiation in the park goods. Two provisions of axles must be jumped; one leads thus to the precipitated realization and without the least test or evaluation of G11. Between 1905 and 1910, 47 engines of the type 2-10-0, to saturated vapor and four uncrossed cylinders compound with drawers plan, are delivered to the EL by Graffenstaden. They are unfortunately a total failure; their capacity of traction is so ridiculous that their withdrawal of service is essential quickly. Even the control of fire with slow functioning is difficult, because of the blows of exhausts deadened by compounding: a true catastrophe. The Management of the network turns resolutely to Berlin which proposes to him to control of G10 with overheating whose production has been just started at Henschel. They are the first machines modern goods able to tractor draw 1900 tons to mitigate some 40km/h. A batch of ten is delivered to the EL and before the end 1910, their brilliances states of service make it possible to determine that 35 of them would be sufficient to replace the 47 G11! It is true that G10 asks for only one about fifteen of minutes for its greasing and it can be led by several teams in one day. The compound with four cylinders requires two hours of preparation, a titular team lavishing to him assiduous care for average day labourers about 60km; moreover, their engine with saturated vapor their fact of consuming much more than one G10 with overheating.