Class T5, future 1-122TA operates in station of Chateau-Salins after the resumption of its exploitation by the EL.
En gare de Chateau-Salins

The section Nancy-Chateau Salins, classified interest local and established in single track, is allocated to the Belgian Company of the Railroads with a departmental subsidy of 1,8 million francs. The solution of a Burthécourt-Vic antenna on Seille is preferred with the direct layout which would have required the construction of a too expensive underground to join Château Saline. The 99 years concession is approved by the imperial decree of July 26, 1868 declaring it of public interest; it is then reassigned, February 3, 1869, at the Limited Company of the Railroads of Lorraine, subsidiary of the preceding one created in Nancy. The work, launched in 1869, is stopped by the war; their completion can be done only in 1873. Like the new border crosses the line between the stations of Moncel and from Chambrey, a special treaty passed between the two countries. So the Company de l'EST takes again the line on April 30, 1873; it is relayed on following 18 October by the French government. The exploitation of the two antennas in German territory is entrusted, by the convention of April 25, 1873, with the Company de l'EST but in manner provisional until connection of the lines to the network of the EL.