Environment the Sixties for this street of Neudorf, crossed by the line of Kehl.


The electrification of the short section between Strasbourg and Kehl (R.F.A.) has being differed in front of significant work to realize of the two with dimensions ones of the border. The new bridge on the Rhine, built in 1955-56, in the place of disparate elements set up in 1945, has only one rather weak draught and its raising is essential before any electrification. An agreement can be shown only the beginning from the Sixties, thus the apron is raised then scraped in May 1966. The new layout of the ways requires the construction of a new signal box in Port of the Rhine and a rehandling of the plan of the ways to the accesses of the bridge on the river. The ballet of the 242 MT ceases on September 15, 1966 and rotations are entrusted to the four bifréquence BB of type 20100.