The TER 200 in station of Mommenheim in May 97.

TER 200

During the winter 1980, the signature of a convention between the State and the Alsace area authorize the startup service " Métralsace " between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. The customers answering favorably, with for the first time since 1974, a rise of 6% of the frequentation of the local trains, the trains are prolonged for the winter 1982-83 to Basle with service road of Louis Saint. On the other hand, of the attempts to extend the circulation of the oars towards Belfort and Montbeliard fail. Significant work, with in particular the suppression of all the level crossings established in the plain of Alsace, makes it possible to increase the speed of the trains " Métralsace " to 200 km/h; renovated a Corail hardware is used since September 1991; it makes it possible to increase the duration of the voyage between Strasbourg and Mulhouse to only 50 minutes with intermediate stops to Sélestat and Colmar.