A 230B EST tracting the trains coming from Valleystahl and Abreschwiller and joined together at La Forge bound for Sarrebourg in 1957.
 230B a Sarrebourg

Coordination between the various means of transports, decided by the French political capacity at the beginning of the Thirties, has only very little effect on the small lines of the network ex Al. The things start to be spoiled the shortly after the armistice; indeed, a first quota of lines, seriously damaged for the majority, starts to be closed with the service of the travellers. This pruning continues throughout the Fifties and Sixties. Thus in 1969, the services travellers cease on the sections Molsheim - Saverne, Colmar - Neuf-Brisach, Bollwiller - Lautenbach, Chateau-Salins - Benestroff, Avricourt - Moussey and Wingen-sur-Moder - Saint-Louis-les-Bitche. This program continues, in 1970, by the abandonment of the service roads travellers on the lines Steinbourg - Schweighouse on Moder, Sarrebourg - Abreschwiller, La Forge - Vallerysthal and Bénestroff - Sarralbe.