The new engine 141R 808 build in the United States in bearing tests of the viaduct of Walk, in the valley of Zorn.

Essai avec 141R

The 141R arrive in the area as from March 1946 and first of all join the deposits of Metz-Frescaty and Mulhouse-North, followed in August 1946 by machines of which a part is heated by fuel oil, the other with coal, assigned to Sarreguemines and Hausbergen. Besides for these arrivals, the establishment of Strasbourg makes build two monumental cisterns and an installation of reheating - fuel oil being appeared as a tar liquifying itself to a certain temperature. At the same time, one of the hoppers of the travelling group for the loading by gravity of coal from now on is reserved for gauged fuel required by storing it. In the horizon 1949, the replacement of the 141R heated by fuel oil by R 1 to 700 coal is decided. Tardily, one realized that the bringing together of the sources of fuel made possible a fall of the costs of transport for this one. They will thus know all the large deposits of the area and will prove to be essential to the economic revival, while upsetting many practices of work with in particular vulgarizing.