231 B 358, ex S14 1358, in relache with the deposit of Besancon, at the beginning of 1950.

 Pacific S14

1919. Network AL, then placed under the Official Authority of the ministry for transport, loses a significant part of its autonomy and is subjected to a management comparable with that of the network of the STATE. For this reason, in 1922, forty Pacifics 231.500 exits of a command of quatrevingtsdix units for the STATE are placed at Al. They are built by Fives-Lille and are numbered S14 1311 to 1350. New arrivals outputs of factory, the only modification applied relates to control deferred on the right. In 1929, ten other numbered engines 1351 to 1360 are yielded by PO, this one by not having more the utility following the electrifications in progress on its great relations. A last quota classified 1361 to 1370, also coming from PO, joined Al in 1933.