150 Y 1741, future Y3, in Hausbergen in 1946, representative of the series of Kriegslok.

150 Y 1741

In 1941, the realization of an engine of war starts to achieve the unanimity of all the leading authorities of 3rd Reich, since Deutsche Reichsbahn eager to take again possession of its engines until Wehrmacht wishing to have a type of single machine. The urgency controls simply to work over again and strip of all the nonessential elements the machine BR50 which with already proven reliable. Genesis of KDL1 (KriegsDampfLokomotive 1 = War steam engine n°1) arranged in class 52, is thus fast and Borsig the present officially first machine of the series on September 12, 1942, which surprises by its revolutionary design. Compared to a BR50, one removed approximately 1000 parts and simplified 3000 others, by reducing the use of noble metals to the minimum. Thus one could make the saving in 26 tons of raw materials and reduces the time of 6000 hours construction to bring back it to 13000 approximately! Its numerical importance, some 7000 specimens built in less than three years, allied with its robust design, do one of the series of them more the appraisals by the winners; approximately 2000 machines will go only to the USSR. In the zone of French occupation, 25 units of BR52 are dispatched on left bank of the Rhine.