The 122TA610, not having never had its classification the SNCF
 122 TA 610

On the water tank appears its last assignment after the end of the war like its deposit: Zweibruecken. The Fifties are terrible for series typically EL et al., because only four series will be still in service at the beginning of the years 1960, namely the 230F, 232TC, 040D and 242TA. Let us note that ultimate G12 and G12.1, gathered in Thionville, exhaust their courses of lifting or their stamps with the operations and service roads around the great centers; the workshops take freedom to take down the ' Grossvater' (granfather), nickname given to the middle roll, by depositing the driving rod interns and by neutralizing the drawers. The end of career of the 231B ex S14, given as a holder to try to suppress their prohibitory maintenance costs, is enamelled failures : the deposit of Hausbergen keeps for example a R holds some - 470 and 471 -, to ensure their replacement the raised foot, with sometimes a pupil mechanic who then grants a beautiful race on Mulhouse by carrying out the schedule or by having at most 2 in 3 minutes of delay. Identical thing in Lorraine with 150X which, with their fulgurating startings, make the hour on steps ' Pacifics' to 80 km/h. .