A 242TA ex T20 starts a train since Haguenau in direction of Wissembourg.


The last classe of ex Alsace-Lorraine steam engines, represented by the 242 MT ex T20, is not already any more but in deferment. The 601, 603, 610, 611, 616, 617, 621 and 627 must yield their place vis-a-vis to the BB 66000 assisted by their van boiler and to the rail-cars of type EAD ' Caravelles'. In 1967, the 601, 610, 617 with their tower is withdrawn from the service; the 621 enters in collision with a 141R the ' trou' of the jump of sheep of Hausbergen, then is placed on standby of damping in June 1968. It is the same for the rare AT ex PLM or North: the 20, 55, 83, 104 and 117 are parked in 1966, the 119 in 1967. The arrival of the first BB 67300 in 1968 their gate the death-blow: the 616 is parked in bad condition in May, the 54 and 97 are lit in turn until October 8 when they are placed on standby of damping. But the honor ' historique' to be the chimney of the last representing alive ex EL to exhale its vapor in the French sky returns to 040 D 90, ex 5090 Al, transferred on North in 1963, placed in AA on January 22, 1969 and erased on following 30 May.