The annexation in fact by German 3rd Reich.

 Wagon Fischer

This image of the Fischer beer goods car to the colors of Deutsche Reichsbahn is representative of the dark period of the Alsatian and Lorraine history. The signature of the armistice of June 1940 involves an insidious annexation in third Reich. This new change of nationality is carried out with the contempt of the conventions signed at Rethondes which envisage, for the SNCF, the simple regrouping of the rolling stock of the ex Al on the territory of the under-Direction of Strasbourg. July 15, 1940, the German authorities inform the SNCF that the railway installations of the three departments depend from now on regional directions on Deutsche Reichsbahn established in Mainz and Karlsruhe. Lastly, in the neighbourhoods of following 15 August, the SNCF is officially driven out exploitation of the lines ex Al; an active policy of fast germanisation of the network is installed, and the old customs buildings of the borders of the period 1871-1918 are given under operation, not without shy persons protests of the french Vichy government. The three departments annexed in fact become of Gau, and it is a new dramatic period for the population which must integrate the ideals of thousand-year-old Reich and undergo a total nazification of an unknown width in the other French areas. The most painful drama will be the incorporation forced under the uniform of Wehrmacht imposed as from 1941 to 130.000 Mens of the Alsace and Moselle region from 17 to 25 years.