Trains en Alsace Lorraine

1938 - today

From January 1, 1938, the railroads of Alsace and Lorraine, already nationalized since their return in French space, are integrated within the SNCF. The area of the East takes again the territorial limits of the old Company de l'EST in the situation of before 1871; the Management of this unit is located in Paris, but taking into account the characteristics of the railway installations inherited the German time, a under-Direction with the wide capacities is maintained, on a purely transitory basis, in the buildings of the Wilson boulevard in Strasbourg, occupied hitherto by the Administration of network Al.

Whereas lines TGV EST and the Rhine-Rhone are profiled in a future from now on near, the future millenium will be that of the revival of the regional service railroad. Thus in Alsace, the signature of conventionnement total which binds area with the SNCF proves the interest of the local authorities in favour of the rail. The regional consulting underlines its attachment with the rail-bound transports by financing the raising from speed to 200 km/h between Mulhouse and Saint-Louis. In addition, within the framework of the improvement of the transborder service roads, the Alsatian area takes part at the expenses of reconditioning of the connection going of Wissembourg towards Palatinat. It also thinks of a reinforcement of the number of the return tickets Métralsace TER 200 on the Strasbourg-Mulhouse-Basle line which should lead to work of additional investments in particular with the level of the side tracks.

Moreover, two significant files of modernization are launched recently. It is about the restoration of the lines Strasbourg-Haguenau and Mulhouse-Thann-Kruth. On these two arteries, the first budget of 80 million francs made it possible to carry out the renewal of the ballast during the second six-month period 1997. Significant work concerning the installations of ways and indication will follow until 2001. Lastly, the stations of the course will be renovated. Electrifications will be can be engaged, in the future, on these connections. Of dimensioned sound, Lorraine, if it does not profit yet from the same preferential conditions with the SNCF, does not spare these efforts to offer better services to the users of the rail. 

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