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One of the first Railways in France was the 21 km line between Mulhouse and Thann, built 1839 by a famous Industrial, Nicolas Koechlin. The success encouraged the first trunk line in France, from Strasbourg to Bale, in 1841. Paris - Strasbourg was opened 1852. The Compagnie de l'Est managed the railway until 1870.

 The Treaty of Frankfurt ceded the province of Alsace and Lorraine to Prussia, after the war of 1870 between France and Germany. The prussian Administration named the railway 'Reichseisenbahn Elsass-Lothringen" (EL) and managed until 1918.

After WW I, the province returns to France, and were renamed in 'Chemin de Fer Alsace-Lorraine" (AL).

The creation of the SNCF in 1937 absorbed the company.

You will find all the history of the lines, all the locomotives, cars and freight cars of the EL and AL, in the 330 pages of the encyclopedia of the RR in Alsace - Lorraine.

The frensh version of the book is now available at editions LOCO REVUE.

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